The Street & Children’s Dreams

24 November of 2013 by

For the first time this kind of exhibition is going to be held in Erbil and it’s for those children who work on the streets, the Rwanga Charity Organization has gathered 159 children and trained them on different skills like handcrafts and artworks to discover their talents, in addition to that those children have been treated for health issues and social. Now it’s time to display their work in an exhibition named (The Street & Children’s Dreams) that will take a place in Shanadar Gallery located in Shanadar Park.

Let’s support our children who work on the streets, see what talents they have behind their work, you are all invited to share your love and support to our children to encourage them in creating more artworks.

Those art pieces are for sale, we would like to see some of you buying them in front of children to show them that their efforts are worth it.

1-2 December 2013 10:00am – 4:00pm Venue: Shanadar Gallery (Shanadar Park)


Event’s Posters in English & Kurdish



Halloween Party 31 October


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