Erbil Real Estate & Investment Fair 27-30 June

13 May of 2013 by

Erbil International Fairground is having another exhibition in 27 to 30 June 2013, and this time for Erbil Real Estate Fair, organized by EXPO TIME L.L.C. Which has actualized important for organizations in Iraq and Libya.

The fair, where all innovations and high quality projects related sector will be exhibited and where domestic and international decision makers will gather, is going to provide an easy way into the market.

Your participation, whether direct or through your national, and/or international agencies is considered a support and empowerment to make this event a success. Consequently, this will have a positive impact on the to real estate, investment and property development sector in Erbil.

Thus the participation of 170 international and national companies and institutions dealing with to real estate, investment and property development is a clear indication of the global importance this annual exhibition enjoys.

The Iraqi government plans to increase the Housing Fund’s capital to $1 billion in 2013, as well as create approximately 3 million housing units over the next five years to attract regional and international real estate investors. In addition, it has exempted its citizens from paying interest on real estate loans.

In 2011, Iraqi investors led the foreign investments in Jordan’s real estate market at $355 million, and purchased $128 million worth of real estate properties in Dubai during the first half of 2012.

In times of significant market growth, clever investors rush to seize the first glimpse of opportunity. EREF 2013 provides you with the ideal setting to meet fellow professionals, affluent buyers, and private and corporate investors in Iraq’s booming real estate market.

Therefore, pleasure to invite you to participate in this international event to introduce your latest products and technology in order to contribute to the development of Erbil.


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